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Dieting tips for your free weight loss program

Further to our discussion on losing weight, here's the basic dieting tips from nutritionists to help you in your weight loss program:

  • Cut down on quantity. I found this one to be the most important with any weight loss program. One of my friends' father, an eternally slim person, always used to say: "Leave the table while you are still just a bit hungry. A little later you will have forgotten about your hunger - that's the best weight loss program I can suggest". I assure you this is absolutely true and regret not having listened to him earlier. Eating "a little less" will very soon become a habit and that's what you really want - to develop good eating habits. Eat just enough to satisfy your appetite, not as much as you can. Even low calories foods will add weight if you eat enough of them.
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Liquid vitamins

I don't diet. I just don't eat as much as I'd like
to. (Linda Evangelista)
  • Eat less more often. For a sound weight loss program, spread your food intake over several meals or snacks. Many hospitals have been experimenting with five meals a day, spreading the recommended total food intake over two full meals a day (brunch and dinner) and three snacks (continental breakfast, afternoon snack, and night cap. They find that the stomach handles small amounts of food better, that metabolism keeps working at a good pace all day, and that blood sugar levels (your energy reserve) do not drop between meals. Also, the process of digestion burns up calories.
  • Avoid high calorie foods. Cut out jams, sauces, gravies, dressings, creams, ice-cream, soft drinks, and rich desserts as much as you can. These are the villains that add calories and can ruin your weight loss program. They are also not as rich in nutrients.
  • Look for natural flavors. Cultivate an interest in the natural flavor of what you eat. Try vegetables without butter, coffee and tea without cream or sugar. You may want to add a pinch of salt or a squeeze of lemon on your vegetables, but chances are you will find the natural flavors new and interesting. I personally just reached the point where I don't need butter or margarine at all. I only purchase pure virgin olive oil and use it exclusively in all my recipes. My family and friends love them, by the way. My meals are light, tasty and healthy. They are based on the Greek Mediterranean cooking style and you should know that Greeks statistically live longer than any other European citizens!
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body 
(Ancient Greek proverb)
  • Serve only just enough. Keep portions small and put serving dishes with left overs out of sight. Taking seconds is often just a habit. Cultivate the idea of just one serving and you will find it satisfies your appetite.

Another idea: Serve meals on smaller plates!
In order to maintain a healthy body and a youthful appearance while dieting, you must make sure you eat the necessary proteins and nutrients. This is not so easy and to be on the safe side, I am taking top quality nutritional supplements.

How to start exercising: An excellent trick

Finally, if you cannot plan your own physical conditioning program and don't engage in outdoor activities (bicycling, swimming, etc.) you may try my way: Being unable to convince myself to do some exercise regularly (all my attempts were failing after a week or two) I ended up walking for half an hour every day in...my own home! This is not difficult and it worked, so after one month I went on with some warm-up exercises - you know, of the kind we were performing in high school, then I added a few more (none too strenuous) and I now feel a totally different person.

Those who do not find time for exercise will have
to find time for illness. Earl of Derby

A word of caution: A warm-up period of at least 20 minutes should be used before any strenuous exercise. Otherwise you may experience strains and sprains, or worse. It is quite possible to rupture a tendon or injure a joint by starting with certain strenuous exercises without a preliminary warm-up period.

Success is not a doorway...it's a staircase! 
(Dottie Walters)

And now... a few juicy and tasty low calorie recipes of my own to add to your weight loss program!


The WeightLoss-Information.Org provides you with the most reliable weight loss information, so that you can better achieve your diet, health and fitness goals.

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