Vitamin deficiencies/sources in a concise vitamin chart


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Vitamin chart

Our condensed vitamin chart lists vitamin symptoms of deficiency and sources.

liquid vitamins
Liquid vitamins


Symptoms of deficiency


vitamin A

Susceptibility to infection; poor vision in twilight
Retarded growth

Milk, butter, eggs, liver, margarine, tomatoes, carrots, fish liver oils

vitamin B1

Loss of appetite; nerve disorders; fatigue; poor digestion
Retarded growth

Meat, especially pork, wholemeal bread and cereals, milk, vegetables

vitamin B2

Sores at corners of the mouth; other skin and membrane disorders

Meat, milk, green vegetables, eggs, poultry

vitamin C

Slow healing; tendency to bruise and bleed easily; sore gums

Many raw fruits, especially the citrus group, and vegetables, tomatoes, melon

vitamin D

Poor bone and tooth development; dental decay;

Fish liver oils, liver, fortified milk and baby cereals, irradiated margarines, etc., sunshine

vitamin E


Seed germs, green vegetables

vitamin K

Faulty clotting of the blood

Meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, peanuts; whole grain cereals

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