Eat fruits & vegetables - meat diets destroy the rainforest


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Meat diets contributing to the destruction
of the rainforest

Trevor Miieu

Researches point out that people’s meat diets have contributed to the

destruction of the rainforest. Huge areas of vegetation are removed to give way to cattle farming.
Indeed nutrition systems can interfere with the environment…
Fruit nutrition promotes the planting of new trees bringing all the benefits to the life supporting mechanisms of the earth.
By eating fruit you spread the seeds of the fruit contributing for new trees according to the laws of nature developed for millions of years …you do not have to kill any life form even a vegetable…

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It has been said that a plant- based diet is the most compassionate, least destructive way we humans can live upon this planet. Many researches say that a mostly vegetarian planet would resolve so many problems, land destruction and problems of insufficient food for worldwide population. Researches say that each vegetarian saves one acre of trees every year.

Save Your Environment - Save Your Planet

The influence of man on the earth and the environment has been drastic and this results in many damages to the planet.
The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence that maintains Earth's average temperature at approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The real threat of climate change lies in how quickly the change occurs.
The greenhouse effect is an important and necessary phenomenon that keeps all Earth's heat from escaping to the outer atmosphere. Without it, the temperatures on earth would be lower and the existence of life would be impossible.
The climate changes that will result from global warming are extremely difficult to predict. The weather is determined by so many factors that it is often compared to chaos by scientists. Changing the temperature will likely have some effect on the planet's weather, but just what that effect will be is nearly impossible to predict.
Some portion of the polar icecaps would melt if the temperature rises, increasing global sea levels. If this happens, islands would disappear and a lot of places would be flooded, so one of the consequences could be the death of a lot of people and the loss of their homes. Another result could be that the ice will move and break up, causing large cracks in the ice and exposing of the sea. This phenomenon is known as the open water and it is very frightening to all people who go on expeditions. Bad water is also a consequence of the action of man. Lots of people became ill because of dirty water and poor hygiene, and approximately 6,000 children die everyday all over the world, especially in countries of Africa.
Global Warming is not the only adverse affect that man has on the environment. Half of all hospital beds worldwide are filled with people who have become ill due to bad water. 6,000 children die every day from dirty water and poor hygiene.
Man's affects on the environment could be avoided by getting environmental conscious and teaching people to follow our projects of saving our planet.
All is not lost though; there are many ways that can reverse man's affects on the planet. By starting now to be environmental conscious and teaching the younger generations to follow the lead, we may get able to save the earth.


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