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Preventing medical errors, hospital mistakes & neglect


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Intervention for Prevention of Medical Errors - Hospital Mistakes

For the past eighteen years, Thomas A. Sharon, R.N., M.P.H., a registered nurse of 27 years with a master in public health (MPH) degree, has been advising attorneys on hundreds of cases in which hospitals and nursing homes were accused of preventable errors and hospital mistakes. He has recently authored a book entitled Protect Yourself in the Hospital: Insider Tips for Avoiding Hospital Mistakes for Yourself or Someone You Love (Contemporary Books/McGraw-Hill; Oct/Nov. 2003; $12.95), which provides life-saving information.


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by Thomas A. Sharon R.N., M.P.H.

At some point in life, most of us will have to pay the hospital a visit, whether it's for routine surgery, to have a baby, or for a full-blown emergency. Hospitals are a necessary part of life. Yet while they do save lives, they're also responsible for 100,000 accidental deaths and many more injuries each year - from human errors to faulty techniques to malfunctioning equipment to wanton carelessness. "Protect Yourself in the Hospital" arms you with practical and possibly lifesaving advice to make sure these tragic errors don’t happen to you or someone you love.
From the ER to the OR and every unit in between, "Protect Yourself in the Hospital" provides you with the knowledge you need to feel safe and secure in the hospital. Written by a registered nurse and legal consultant, this lifesaving guide covers such topics as:

  • Making sure the correct body part is operated on
  • How to prevent bedsores and hospital-acquired infections
  • Ways to advocate for yourself or a loved one without alienating hospital staff
  • How to avoid the rampant problem of hospital-induced anemia

Gregory Mott (Washington Post, October 21, 2003) wrote:
“Thomas A. Sharon can speak with authority on the subject... Sharon does not oversell his case. He offers practical examples and valuable insights on the things that can go wrong in the ER, on a ward, in the ICU or with the business office. His system for rating hospitals, for example, urges consumers to take into account things like fiscal stability, labor relations and the smell of the place...”
John Langone (The New York Times, February 17, 2004) wrote:
"....Much of his advice depends on the patient's asking questions and being observant and insistent. In the I.C.U., for example, he advises asking the nurse what each wire and tube is for, checking for swelling and redness from the insertion of intravenous lines, and seeing to it that, in the case of a transfusion, the nurse matches the serial numbers and the blood type between the transfusion ticket and the label on the blood product unit — in the presence of a second nurse.
Pay attention to how many patients your nurse is assigned to, he writes. If there are three or more, lodge a complaint with the health administration and follow up with the health department if you do not get a satisfactory response."
Learn how to recognize hospital situations that are likely to cause injury or death so that you can protect yourself in the hospital! The book is available at all fine book stores and online. The author is also available for interviews by phone, email or in person. Please feel free to contact him directly for further discussion and/or scheduling:

Thomas A. Sharon, R.N., M.P.H.
Hollywood, Florida

Author Bio and more

Thomas A. Sharon, R.N., M.P.H. (Hollywood, FL) became a registered nurse in 1977 and earned his masters in public health degree from New York Medical College in 1988. He has had vast experience in a variety of hospitals as a staff nurse, nursing supervisor and operational consultant. He has also worked for a managed care organization as vice president for medical operations. For the past 18 years he has also been a legal consultant, advising attorneys on hundreds of cases in which hospitals have been accused of preventable errors.
By Tom Sharon:
- Preventable medical errors
- The risks of Risk Management in hospitals and nursing homes.
- Truth in advertising will prevent catastrophic injuries and save lives.
- Two cases of accidental narcotic overdose resulting from poor communication (health literacy).
- Established wound healing & treatment is setting a new standard for the care of chronic wounds.

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