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Physical health through nutrition

Remember when you felt great? At some point in your life, your body was functioning optimally. You had an abundance of energy; no pain or illness kept you from doing the things you love to do. For some, this time was as recent as a few months ago and for others, it's a distant memory.

Often, it takes a long time for the body to break down. Physical deterioration is seldom caused by a single event, but rather, by a chain of events. When a person becomes ill, has intensive medical treatments, is under stress, or has been exposed to chemicals, toxins or radiation, the body loses its innate mechanism to heal itself. Continued illness can weaken the body, generating a chain reaction of poor health from which it is often difficult to recover. Healing can be a low process.

By assisting your physical health through nutrition you can actually increase the speed at which your body can heal itself. Proper nutrition can return you to the time when you felt great.

Our bodies already have everything necessary to stay healthy and pain free. However, aging, environment, unexpected illness and poor nutrition can make it difficult for the body to remain in good function. Some doctors believe that nutritional deficiencies are often the root cause of severe physical conditions and that many chronic illnesses and diseases that Americans face today did not exist a century ago because of the differences in diet and nutrition. Times have changed and the attitude we take toward our health must change as well.

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