V-Store 13% of your own enzyme production is lost for every 10 years of life


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Enzyme deficiency and Energy Drain

Enzyme deficiency can occur for many reasons, including poor diet, fast food consumption and excessive intake of fats and sugars.

These "reasons" require excessive production of enzymes and, over time, the body gets "tired" of producing enzymes so fast. Additionally, stress, age, environmental pollution, illness and chemicals can diminish the body's capacity to effectively produce enzymes.
When the naturally occurring enzymes found in foods are lost, the body must depend solely on its own digestive enzyme production. This can slow the digestive process considerably, leaving some food undigested. As a result, the body may never receive important nutrients from food.


There are 3 main causes of enzyme deficiency. Often these causes overlap, creating extra burden for the digestive system and body.
1. Diet: The basic North American diet lacks enzymes. Any food that is cooked above 118 degree F., processed, microwaved or chemically altered loses its natural enzymes. Since most foods are cooked or processed, our diets can be missing essential enzymes.

13% of your own enzyme production
is lost for every 10 years of life.

2. Age: As we grow older, our bodies produce fewer enzymes. Many people wonder "Why can't I eat the same foods I used to eat?" or "I can't eat as much anymore." We believe the reason is a lack of enzymes. Some researchers now believe aging as nothing more than severe enzyme deficiency which leaves the body unable to maintain optimal function. We believe it is possible that the aging process may be delayed by taking enzyme supplements.

80% of the body's energy
is expended during the digestive process

3. Energy: The digestion of food is a large "energy drain". Ideally, when you eat, your digestive system breaks down food into small, energy-producing particles which give you all the "fuel" your body needs to function and repair itself on a regular basis. Without enzymes, food isn't fully digested and causes gas, indigestion and bloating. A lack of enzymes may also drain energy and "clog" your entire system with potentially hazardous by-products which can produce food allergies, yeast, bacteria and other undesirable factors.

Special note: Vitamins and minerals cannot function properly without enzymes. A lack of enzymes can affect how vitamins and minerals are used for daily function. This contributes to the chain reaction of bad health caused by enzyme deficiency.

If you are like many people, this may be the first time you have heard about the powerful health benefits of enzymes. If you haven't heard about them, how would you know if you are deficient? It is impossible to list every "symptom" of enzyme deficiency, but the following are some of the common symptoms/illnesses associated with enzyme deficiency.

Signs of Poor Digestion
Acid Reflux
Food allergies
Water retention
Weight gain

Associated Illnesses
Acid Reflux Disease
Chronic fatigue
Heart disease
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Joint pain


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