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Am I "Body Type 4" and prone to lactase deficiency?

Body Type 4 people have small, boyish figures and soft bodies and often have a body that is described as a stick or ruler figure. Many people with this Body Type look the same as they did in junior high school. They have a sensitive and fragile Body Type that can often be the most toxic. If they gain weight, it tends to spread evenly throughout the body and looks like baby fat.

Type 4 people crave dairy. People who are Body Type 4, usually prefer dairy products like milk, yogurt, and soft dairy foods (i.e. cream cheese). They tend to gravitate toward them until they become lactose intolerant. Their body can develop a deficiency in Lactase, the enzyme that breaks down dairy products and milk sugars.
Body Type 4 is also the most difficult Body Type to work with. If you are a person with this Body Type, you are probably highly sensitive to foods and often have food allergies. You may be deficient in all the enzymes. You tend to get sick often and frequently feel tired. You may also have difficulty digesting fats and fibers, which may limit your food choices and may eventually cause poor nutrition.

Body Type 4 Do you crave:
Dairy products?
Starchy foods and sweets?
Are you prone to:
On-going bowel problems?
Constipation and then diarrhea?
Milk intolerances?
Skin irritations?
Nausea after eating?

Type 4 people are prone to a Lactase deficiency. An enzyme deficiency, especially in Lactase, is responsible for your food cravings. Type 4 people are unique because they become deficient in all the enzymes very quickly and have problems digesting all types of foods. Your frail digestive system may cause you to revert back to soft, milky foods for comfort although many times you are lactose intolerant and cannot process them.
As a result of this all-around deficiency, you may experience severe allergies, skin irritations, gallbladder stress, sinus infections, nausea after eating and frequently suffer from constipation and diarrhea. Your body is capable of producing excess microorganisms and mucous. You have a tendency to be sensitive to both food and medications. You may also have malabsorption, which affects nutrient intake and energy levels.
Type 4 people also have trouble digesting fiber. People with this Body Type commonly have problems with their bowels and may have been encouraged to eat more fiber. This may make matters worse since fiber is made up of cellulose, and the human body is incapable of producing cellulase, the enzyme necessary to break it down. Luckily, if the enzyme balance is restored, digestion may become much more efficient.

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