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I have wider hips - am I "Body Type 2"?

Body Type 2 people have narrow shoulders and wider hips and often are described as having a pear figure. When these people gain weight, it settles first in their hips, stomach and butt. As they continue to put on weight, men notice the "spare tire" developing, while women may notice a significant increase in cellulose.

Type 2 people like foods that are rich in flavor. They love fried, creamy and spicy foods and desserts. They tend to crave foods that are high in fat, which causes them to become deficient in Lipase, the enzyme that digests fat. A Lipase deficiency hinders the body's ability to break down fats, which allows them to turn rancid (or rot) in the body, and decreases the opportunity for them to get into the blood stream. Undigested fats in the blood stream may raise cholesterol, clog arteries, cause high blood pressure and may put stress on the liver. The salts and spicy foods that Body Type 2 people consume may make it even more challenging to burn fat and increase cholesterol levels.

Body Type 2 Do you crave:
Strong-flavored foods?
Spicy, creamy, salty, peppered or smoked foods?
Wine or a beverage other than water with your meals?
Rich desserts, like ice cream or chocolate?
Fried fish, chicken, onion rings and French fries?
Are you prone to:
Cysts or skin disorders?
Gallbladder problems?
Kidney and bladder infections?

Those with Body type 2 are prone to a deficiency of Lipase. If people with Body Type 2 are overweight, they may be deficient in other enzymes. These deficiencies may be caused by improper eating habits and stress. An enzyme deficiency, especially of Lipase, is responsible for the increased cravings for fatty foods experienced by Type 2 people. Type 2 people may have noticed that they crave spicy, salty or smoked foods. Often these foods are fried or covered with rich sauces. The average person only needs to consume one tablespoon of fat each day, people who have a Lipase imbalance can easily consume up to eight times that amount.
Body Type 2 people have a tendency to gain weight as a result of the body's inability to process the intake of fats quickly and efficiently. You may be prone to plaque in the arteries, kidney and gallbladder stones, heart problems, high blood pressure and chronic fatigue as a result of this deficiency.
Undigested fat turns rancid, which may cause Body Type 2 people to be prone to hormonal problems, diabetes and abnormal skin conditions. If you fit into the Type 2 category, you can probably identify with regular bloating, water retention and constipation. You may also suffer from increased gas and fatigue after eating.
Body Type 2 people tend to burn fat slowly. Burning calories requires the presence of oxygen, but more oxygen is needed to burn fat than to burn carbohydrates. Sometimes Body Type 2 people have a high level of fatty tissue, which may make it more difficult to deliver fat-burning oxygen to blood-vessels and may cause fat-laden cells.

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