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I suffer from amylase deficiency - am I "Body Type 1"?

Body Type 1 people have shoulders and hips that are about the same width and frequently have an hourglass figure. When these people gain weight, it spreads evenly throughout their body, causing an increase in overall size. Excess weight is held in their stomach and hips.

Type 1 people are carbohydrate lovers. They also crave foods which turn into sugar like fruits and candy. These cravings lead them to consume excess carbohydrates and sugars, which eventually cause them to become deficient in Amylase, the enzyme that breaks down these two elements. An Amylase deficiency makes it harder for the body to properly use carbohydrates and sugars, which may create additional cravings, poor nutrition and an unhealthy diet that begins a poor health cycle.
Undigested carbohydrates eventually turn into sugar. Coupled with the intake of sugar, Type 1 people easily experience a sugar overload. In addition, excess sugars and carbohydrates are often converted into fat by the body. When one eats an excess amount of sugar, especially from fatty foods, the sugar accelerates the absorption of fat by forcing more insulin into the blood stream. The insulin then transports fat and sugar into the cells. This is why Body Type 1 people gain weight from foods they love, such as pastas with sauces, desserts and breads with butter and jam.

Body Type 1 Do you crave:
Sugar in the form of desserts, breads,
pastas, fruit and vegetables?
Chocolate and coffee?
Are you prone to:
Low blood pressure?
Cold hands and feet?
Depression or mood swings?
Gaining weight evenly throughout your body?

Body Type 1 people are prone to an Amylase deficiency. Enzyme deficiency, especially Amylase, can be responsible for the starchy food cravings you may experience. Type 1 people eat large amounts of carbohydrates and sugars, usually associated with their moods. This makes them prone to weight gain, which is often difficult to reverse.
Body Type 1 people tend to gain weight evenly, from the top of their heads to their toes. If they are overweight, their excess fat is in the stomach and waist area. Men often have a "spare tire" and women often hold fat in the buttocks.
Many of the foods Type 1 people choose to eat help stimulate the brain. Often, these people find themselves "needing a quick fix" and load up on simple sugars. Sugar consumption stimulates endorphins in the brain, producing a euphoric effect. Have you ever noticed when you become depressed you crave starches like potato chips or bread?
The bottom line is, these cravings would not occur if the carbohydrates and sugars were being properly digested by the body. Amylase deficiency can cause improper carbohydrate and sugar digestion, making them useless to the brain. Instead, they begin to ferment, which may be in part responsible for contributing to symptoms such as hypoglycemia, anxiety, fatigue and inflammation.

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