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What is "Body Typing"?

Ever notice how most people fall into 1 of 4 body types? This is not a coincidence. For centuries, body types have been recognized as distinct differences in human form. Many books have been written on Body Typing, some dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Ayurvedic medicine, originating over 5,000 years ago in India is almost completely based on Body Typing.

The study of Body Types is not new and many doctors have recognized the distinct weaknesses and imbalances associated with each Body Type. Some professionals believe that Body Types are ruled by glands while others believe that they are controlled by metabolism or blood type. Each body is different due to biochemical reactions. Your body is composed of a series of biochemical reactions which help it function properly. Chemical reactions cannot occur in the body without enzymes. Vitamins, minerals and hormones cannot carry out their jobs without enzymes. The body cannot function without enzymes as they are catalysts necessary for good health. A lack of enzymes, or a deficiency in a particular enzyme, will significantly affect the function of the body. Therefore, the four Body Types can be linked to specific enzyme deficiencies.
Each Body Type has specific enzyme needs. In addition, each Body Type has problems breaking down certain foods. This is because the same diet doesn't work for everyone. You can go on the diet that helped your friend lose 20 pounds and you might only lose 2 pounds. This is because each Body Type processes food differently. High protein diets work for some people and not others. Carbohydrate diets can work for some, while vegetarian diets work for others. Our Body Type determines which foods we will have trouble digesting and how we lose or gain weight.
Having good nutrition and a chemically balanced body is vitally important. A large supply of enzymes in the body is allocated to the digestive system. These enzymes help break down foods we eat and transport nutrients into the blood stream for use. However, when food is cooked, frozen, processed, microwaved or heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, its natural supply of enzymes is depleted. Even certain methods of juicing, which produce heat through friction, may significantly change the enzyme content of food. Food without any enzymes places the full burden of digestion on the body.
When the digestive system becomes depleted of enzymes or unbalanced in a certain enzyme, a chain reaction of poor health may begin. Without enzymes the digestive system will not function properly, and many things may go wrong including: nutrient depletion of the blood stream, blood sugar elevation (as starches and carbohydrates are not properly converted) and fat/protein buildup in the arteries (which impairs fluid transfer in the body). The immune system is compromised because cells begin to starve, the blood is depleted of nutrients and toxins start to form.
Toxins, once formed, are stored in the body and cause the formation of bacteria. Bacteria create excess mucous in the lymphatic system, which may result in allergies and sinus inflammation. Toxins stored in muscle tissue may be forced out through the skin resulting in rashes, acne, eczema and dry skin. These toxins also may cause arthritis, gout, back pain and neck stiffness.
Over time, bodies change. Many people can identify their Body Type immediately by their shape. Others identify their Body Type using the associated characteristics or symptoms. Either way, your Body Type will become apparent to you very quickly.
Understanding your specific Body Type may help you maintain optimal health. Identifying your specific enzymatic needs and internal deficiencies is crucial to individualizing your health-care regime. Read on to discover your Body Type and find out how it may affect your health.

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