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Therapeutic Diet in Lifestyle Medecine

At our Medical Clinic, in Thessaloniki, we teach our patients Lifestyle Medecine, which has strong preventive orientation and encourages patients to change their habits before disease appears or "helps them while recovering from their diseases".

Diet has special significance among lifestyle factors in that people have total control over it, at least potentially. In our clinic we have found that presenting the option of nutrition as one part of the therapy, the patients are willing to make the necessary changes when they are given the opportunity to get well and avoid a lifetime of taking drugs to control symptoms.
We are using the Greek Traditional Mediterranean diet, therapeutically. During the last seven years, as we are using the diet, we are observing a tremendous change in the health of our patients, not only on the physical level but on the emotional level. We hold practical teaching sessions where patients come to learn the basics as how to use and prepare their traditional foods so as to preserve the vitality of the elements contained in the foods, how to enrich their meals with different herbs and spices used in the traditional recipes. The longer they work with the diet, their chronic problems begin to improve considerably.

Matina Chronopoulou, Therapeutic Nutrition, Naturopathic Medecine, Greece
Ioannis Liapis, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Acupuncturist, Greece

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