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Best way to lose weight - tips and advice

The best way to lose weight is getting involved in pleasant activities and

consuming low calorie but tasty and healthy foods. This may at first sound extremely difficult, if not impossible, but it is based on personal experience after having wasted 20 years with the so-called expert methods on how to lose weight, paid or free, and after having spent a lot of money with no success. Hence, this website aims at telling the world what the best way to lose weight is - there is no price to pay for a method...

Good choices come from experience.
Experience comes from bad choices.
(Author unknown)
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Because losing weight isn't easy, many unethical professionals specialize in the problem. Avoid them. The best way to lose weight is certainly not using weight loss pills, even when prescribed - they are never helpful in the long run. Avoid them too, unless you are one of the few obese people with an impairment in the regulatory mechanism of the central nervous system that governs food intake. These people do not know when to stop eating and need medical help.
Ideally, the best way to lose weight is proper eating combined with proper physical activity. This balance is difficult to achieve for most people because it often involves a change in attitudes and behavior patterns. It is therefore important that the reducing diet should be somewhat similar to the person's usual eating style. The best way to lose weight should not involve a battle of willpower - you cannot fight yourself every single day! As for fast weight loss tips - they simply don't exist.

What some call health, if purchased by perpetual
anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious
disease. (George Dennison Prentice)

In order to start losing weight, it is important to know that people become overweight because they eat more and use less physical energy than they used to. They do very little walking because of the availability of cars. They do very little manual labor because of the increasing use of machines. Even if they eat healthy foods, they have the time for nibbling at all hours especially when sitting in front of the TV screen. Therefore, excess weight is the result of the imbalance between calorie intake as food and caloric expenditure as energy. Calories not spent become converted to fat, so the best way to lose weight would be to find out how many calories you should intake for the amount of exercise you do.
By personal experience, the best way to lose weight is not counting calories by type of activity and type of food. This is unrealistic in the long run - you can do it for a week and get tired soon. However, it is true that the caloric content must be changed and we will see how later on.

Gluttony kills more than the sword. 
- George Herbert (1593-1633)

Most obese people are aware of the increased likelihood that they will suffer from diabetes or heart diseases etc and yet, this awareness alone does not motivate them to start following a healthy diet. This is not the right place to discuss why and how obesity is a health hazard - let's examine first the serious psychological problems overweight may cause next

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