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All-Natural, Advanced Nutritional Supplements
Liquid vitamins, Antioxidants and More

We all know that our bodies need a broad range of nutritional supplements to keep functioning properly. The experts preach over and over again that consumption of nutritional supplements - antioxidants, vitamins, joint aid etc - is a must for our health.

Nutritional deficiencies are among the most easily preventable causes of

disease. It is important to realize that even mild ones can cause irreparable damage, particularly protein deprivation in young children, which can result in some degree of mental retardation. Periodic medical check-ups for everyone in the family are the best way to make sure that such deficiencies are corrected before they snowball into a chronic disease. In most cases, all that is required is a change in eating habits or daily absorption of nutritional supplements.

Nutritional supplements

When do we need nutritional supplements?

No one knows exactly at what age we should start complementing our dieting program with nutritional supplements. A close collaboration with a physician or other health-care professional is recommended to make sure we absorb daily the necessary nutrients for our body. What we do know is that our cells' ability to produce adequate amounts of antioxidants is determined by age, inheritance, nutrition and stress and that it starts declining at age 20!

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, 
you've got to start young. (Fred Astaire)

Why do we need vitamins and antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances designed to handle a wide range of hydroxil free radicals. Adding nutritional supplements to our daily diet helps the antioxidants' task, especially if they are absorbed in the form of a liquid vitamin.
Like in a fireplace there are ashes left over after the fire, damaging free radicals are left over in our body. Cholesterol and unsaturated fats are oxidized to free radicals, which act like a fire out of control if not combated with optimum nutrition or high quality nutritional supplements.
If you are looking for top quality nutritional supplements for your personal physical fitness or for your loved ones, you should know that some nutrients are not properly absorbed when taken in capsule forms.
Choose tasty liquid multi vitamins containing every daily nutrient required for prolonged health. Energize your body and boost your mental power with all-natural ingredients and minerals plucked from plants, herbs and the earth itself (no sugar or artificial preservatives): VERIUNI™ nutritional supplements taste much better and they are easy to swallow too!



"My VERIUNI Liquid vitamins just arrived... That stuff is GREAT! We were without it
for a few days and that rapidly becomes intolerable.......- E. Roeser
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