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A tasty liquid vitamin supplement, easy to swallow

Indeed, it's important that the taste of a vitamin supplement is very good and that it's easy to swallow for easy daily consumption. Optimum food nutrition should include a considerable proportion of vegetables and fruit in addition to meat otherwise a vitamin supplement is absolutely necessary.

liquid vitamins
Liquid vitamins

When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. 

When diet is correct medicine is of no need.
(Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb)

It is a fact that the varied diet customarily eaten by all but the poorest Americans usually provides sufficient amounts of all the needed vitamins. In this case a vitamin supplement would not be necessary but unfortunately, many people are not absorbing adequate amounts of vitamins in food and they are likely to develop deficiency diseases.
A deficiency disease is caused by a lack of substances essential for normal metabolism. One of the earliest such diseases was scurvy, a disorder producing bleeding gums and painfully swollen joints. It frequently appeared among sailors on long voyages in the days when fresh foods or a vitamin supplement were not available on shipboard. Long before there was any knowledge of the cause of scurvy, it was discovered by chance that lime juice and vitamin C prevents it.
Later experiments with animals and clinical investigations with humans revealed that scurvy and a long list of other deficiency diseases result from a lack of vitamins. Heavy drinkers may suffer from deficiency diseases, especially polyneuritis and there is a tendency in alcoholism to omit nutritious foods that are sources of vitamins.

Liquid diets

Did you know that some nutrients are not properly absorbed when taken in capsule form?
Liquid diets are preferable - a liquid multivitamin is better absorbed than a capsule. And if your vitamin supplement has a pleasant peach flavor, there is no way to forget taking it daily.


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