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Buying a treadmill

Author: Rita Liotta

The treadmill continues to be a highly effective and extremely popular piece of exercise equipment. Treadmills are easy to use, require no special equipment and are one of the best calorie burners around. If you’re setting up fitness equipment for use at home, a treadmill should be at the top of your list. In this article, we’ll discuss the features and functions you should look for when buying a treadmill.
Why choose a treadmill over other kinds of exercise or exercise equipment?

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Treadmills have many advantages. Unlike running, treadmill workouts are low impact, if you maintain a walking pace. Running on a treadmill is lower impact than running outdoors because the treadmill surface is cushioned, unlike hard road or track surfaces. A vigorous treadmill session is aerobic, unlike strength training (working out with a barbell or with dumbbells). A good treadmill will raise your heart rate and exercise the heart, the most important muscle in your body. When your heart rate is maintained at an elevated rate, you burn more calories. Stair steppers can be rough on the knees, while leg motion on a treadmill is completely natural. A treadmill burns more calories than a pedal exerciser or stationary bike and again, is easier on the knees. A quality treadmill is pretty much infinitely adjustable in terms of speed and incline and will keep pace with you as your fitness increases. Over time, the purchasing a treadmill is often more cost effective than a gym membership. The quality and performance of high-end treadmills can rival commercial fitness equipment.
Treadmill features to consider
  • Cost
  • Motor and horsepower
  • Incline
  • Belt, deck and cushioning
  • Computer
  • Built in heart rate monitor
  • Safety
  • Size
  • Warranty


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