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Reiki healing

Author: Carina Snowden

Energy swirls around us and through us constantly. The capacity to flow energy is natural and inborn to all humans. When our body's energy is balanced, we experience good health and peace of mind, a sense of joyful well-being. This is our natural state. In contrast, when our energetic flow is blocked for any reason or becomes toxic, then we experience disease and pain. Reiki is a healing art that helps restore the balance of energy in the body.
Reiki (which is pronounced ray-key) comes from the Japanese words: Rei - spirit or soul; Ki - life force.

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Reiki techniques usually involve the laying on of hands in directing a flow of healing energy. Reiki moves energy if it's blocked; it increases the flow of energy if there isn't enough; it removes pain, raising the level of energetic vibration that is needed for healing; it also can harmonize energy, to allow restful sleep. Reiki is a gentle form of energy that is always beneficial.
The practice of Reiki involves the flowing and direction of energy, and is subject like all things to universal laws. Therefore, it is not a religion or belief system. It is an energy medicine that can be understood according to the principles of quantum physics, (read Michael Talbot's "Holographic Universe"). One need not believe in God nor even in Reiki for it to work.
Reiki can be used on oneself and on others. Everyone at any age is naturally inclined toward it. Children instinctively place their hands over a hurt spot when they fall. People unconsciously hold their hands over the painful center of a headache or stomach ache. This is because human hands have vortexes of healing energy that come into play when needed. The healing ability in our hands is not a special gift, but is natural to everyone. Even so, this healing energy that we can all direct is not Reiki energy unless attuned by a Reiki master.
During attunement, a Reiki master carries out a process that enables Reiki students to receive and flow higher energetic vibrations. In the process of attunement, a Reiki master infuses the student's energy field with a series of sacred healing symbols, empowering the student to tap and direct Reiki energy. With attunement, the inborn capacity to flow healing energy is powerfully enhanced.
The student works with clients after becoming a trained practitioner. Reiki treatments work by dissolving physical and emotional energy blockages and eliminating toxic energy. Reiki addresses not only the physical levels of our being, but also addresses mental, emotional, psychological, genetic, and energetic imbalances. Because Reiki complements other modes of treatment and therapy, all kinds of care givers add Reiki to their skill set.
Reiki is usually taught in three stages or degrees. The attunement at each degree of training is given directly by master to student. First degree Reiki is mainly about healing energy on the physical level. First level energy has a certain ability to harmonize and balance chakras, which are the places in every body where energy vortexes exist. First level Reiki can remove negative energy from a person's auric field, relieve stress, and heal the body of diseases in general.
Second level Reiki energy goes farther, adding healing capacity at the mental and emotional level, which is often where disease originates. Third level Reiki energy is spiritual in essence, and amplifies the energies of the first and second degree to higher levels. A Master Practitioner (Reiki Level 3) can not only give Reiki treatments, but can also teach Reiki to others and give Reiki attunements for levels one, two, and three.
It is the natural state of humans to experience good health in mind and body. When a person goes out of balance, receiving a Reiki treatment might be the "jumpstart" that is necessary to return to the road of health. By creating a balance within, Reiki contributes to an environment where healing can occur.



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