Children feel less stressed with a pet around them


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The numerous benefits that
pet animals offer

Harry Jomanal

Man and animal have had a very special bond between them. For ages, man has been dependent on animal for various needs and for this he has also nurtured him. Many people have pets in their home and they really love them. They feed them as if they were part of their family. People have a close relationship with their pets. They often laugh and cry with them.
Pet owners vouch for the fact that loving their pet makes them feel better. There must surely be something relaxing in an act like an owner stroking his cat or having it nearby. Your worries just seem to go away or alleviate somewhat.

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Having a pet does give life a little routine and relief from mental tiredness from a hard day's work. Life does seem a little bit structured and loving a pet something to look forward to each day.
There are of course physical health benefits to be had from certain types of pets. Dogs, for example, give you a reason to take daily physical exercise and fresh air. Remember that getting any exercise can improve our chances of avoiding heart disease, diabetes and so on. And of course it also helps us feel healthy and keep off those extra pounds!
Many studies and researches have been conducted to seek the validity of pet owners' assertion that pets are good for them. The result of one such research was that pet owners who have had first heart attack lived a longer life than those who didn't have a pet. The research did not prove it conclusively that pets actually prolong life of unhealthy people, but it might be so.
Some studies have shown that pets help prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Studies also indicate that children feel less stressed if they have a pet around them. Another interesting research said that stockbrokers felt less stress if they had a pet in their office.
Some unbelievable skills have also been attributed to dogs. Scientists assert that dogs can foresee that a human is about to have a seizure before the victim does. Hence people having seizures can get a forty-five minute early warning if they have a pet dog. Some also assert that they can also foresee an earthquake and behave differently when an earthquake is about to strike.
Recent researches also show that dogs can detect cancer by telling the difference between a cancerous skin blemish and an ordinary one. Some assert that dogs could also detect also bladders cancers by smelling human urine!
Hopefully, now you know about the numerous benefits that pet animals offer. So get a pet and lead a happy and healthy life!

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