Our fitness goals-major factor in choosing a home gym


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Choosing A Home Gym

Author: Rita Liotta

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about buying home gym equipment. The cost of this type of exercise equipment can run into the thousands of dollars. Working out on a home gym has many benefits that often outweigh the cost. Selecting a home gym suited to your needs isn’t an easy process. In this article we’ll discuss some of the factors and features of home exercise equipment that should figure into your decision.

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A major factor: your fitness goals
This takes some serious reflection on your part. Questions to ask yourself are: Why are you buying a home gym instead of joining a health club that is likely to have better gym equipment? Most people would answer that convenience is an important factor, with cost saving a close second. A home gym can be used by multiple people and thus is more cost effective than individual gym memberships for several household members. What is your ultimate fitness goal? From general fitness and toning to serious bodybuilding, your home gym should have the capacity to support your health and fitness goals, current and future. Your goals will change over time – be sure that the machine is capable of changing with you by allowing you to add additional features to vary your workout. Better home gyms usually have add-on accessories like the leg extension or butterfly attachments. You may not want these accessories when you first use the machine but it’s nice to know you can expand the machine to include them.
Types of home gyms
Fitness equipment like a home gym enables you to do strength training. Using strength training equipment allows you to exercise with weights that provide resistance. Resistance training works to increase muscle mass, enabling you to tone and sculpt your body. In traditional-style home gyms, resistance comes from a weight stack. Weights can be disc or blocks and are attached to the machine with a system of cables and pulleys. Weight stack machines are the work horses of both the health club and home gym. A typical weight stack should support weights as low as 10 lbs. and as high as 200 lbs. or more. Recently, home gyms have come on to the market that utilize bows or heavy-duty elastic bands to provide resistance. These machines are often less expensive than weight-stack models, but require more adjustment and resetting when changing exercises.
Features to look for in a home gym
  • Adjustability
  • Construction
  • Ergonomics and comfort
  • Weight range and number of exercises available
  • Safety, maintenance, cleaning, lubrication
  • Warranty


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