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Author: Joe Brown

Definition of dyslexia

The definition of Dyslexia, a condition affecting millions is, "difficulty with words". It interferes with how a person learns to read. Dyslexic people can learn to read, but it will be at their own level and speed. Often they are superior at other disciplines, such as mathematics.

Some of the areas of difficulty that a person with Dyslexia will encounter are:
  (1) problems with memory,
  (2) perception,
  (3) abstract reasoning,
  (4) concentration,
  (5) adjusting socially,
  (6) low grades,
  (7) eye-hand coordination, and
  (8) underachieving.

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Too often Dyslexic people are seen by others as lazy, not motivated, or even below normal intelligence. Those suffering those types of judgments need all the support they can get from family and friends. They will also need special help in learning.
It is important that family and friends of someone suffering from Dyslexia offer support and encouragement so that the Dyslexic doesn't feel alone and isolated. It is also important that for the person with Dyslexia there is moral support both at home and at school or at work. People with Dyslexia will often have to work harder than the average person to make achievements and move ahead.
There are a variety of resources available for someone with Dyslexia, including educational tools. The Dyslexic person may always experience difficulty reading and writing, but they should never stop trying. There are many methods to help the dyslexic function successfully. These methods include enlisting the help people write down things for them, asking for instructions to be repeated or read to them. Using a spell checker in word processing software eliminates many mistakes due to incorrect spelling or grammar errors.
There are many support organizations available for those that suffer from Dyslexia. These organizations offer support and an opportunity to associate with people that experience the same learning disability. A person with Dyslexia needs to feel that they are not alone and that they can achieve the same goals as the people without Dyslexia -- they can, it just take them longer to get there. Instructors and educators need to be aware that a person suffering from Dyslexia so they make accommodations, such as letting the student take longer during exam time, or having assistance with reading and writing responses to questions.
If you know someone, or struggle yourself, with reading, writing, or learning, it might be dyslexia. Professional guidance and the right help be hugely beneficial to an individual with dyslexia. Many individuals with Dyslexia have been very successful in all variety of areas of life. There is no reason you or your loved ones should not overcome the obstacles of Dyslexia - with help, determination, and good advice.


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