Exploring under water caverns and caves


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Cave Diving

Author: Piadro Tufeo

There are several different styles and types of underwater diving. You have your choice of instruction as well. You can choose the type of diving classes you would like to take while learning how to dive. For exploring under water caverns and caves, cave diving classes and instruction is essential. Many take cave diving courses even if they do not intend to cave dive. This is because cave diving instruction is much more thorough. Students agree that they learn much more in cave diving than in regular diving courses.

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When cave divers are out in open water, or in caves and caverns, they hardly ever scrape their equipment across coral reefs or bump their equipment against things. This is because cave diving instruction helps you to become very familiar with your underwater environment and your limitations. In a cave diving course you will learn body positioning, propulsion techniques, specialized buoyancy control, and more. The training will make you an environmentally sound diver.
There is no way you could ever be over prepared for an underwater activity, especially cave diving or wreck diving. Though the two are very different types of diving, they both deal with overhead underwater environments. Students that are learning how to wreck dive will often take cave diving instruction as an accompaniment to their wreck diving instruction. This is helpful and offers additional training on penetration techniques. You can apply most of what you learn in a cave diving course to wreck diving.
There are many places around the world that are suitable for cave diving. Some are more popular than others for different various reasons. Some caves in these areas are smaller, harder to navigate, and harder to see in. Some are cold because they are deeper. Others are warm, and bigger. There are avid cave divers in places such as; Southeast Asia, Japan, Hawaii, Brazil, the South Pacific, and Western Europe.
Most cave diving instruction and recreational cave diving takes place in North America. Good instructors will choose underwater cave sites that have good light. It is safer and easier to train an inexperienced diver away from cold mercy water because a new cave diver would not have the experience to navigate themselves out of the cave if the water should become too mercy for them to see. The Yucatan Peninsula off of Mexico's East coast is where much training takes place. Training is also popular in California, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, and various other places.

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