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Author: Nancy Holmes

Diabetes and Self-Care

Diabetes is a disease that can affect anyone at any time in their life. If you have diabetes you will want to practice as much self-care as you can. The more in control you are of your self-care the more you will feel as though you are in charge of your medical condition. There is information about diabetes from a variety of sources, including your doctor. When it comes to self-care for your diabetes your doctor will most likely already be encouraging you to take as much responsibility for your diabetes as possible. Keep in mind that self-care for diabetes isn't just for the diagnosed diabetic.

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If you are at risk for having diabetes you will want to keep a close eye on what is happening to your body and become aware of the symptoms of diabetes. Make sure that you visit your doctor regularly for checkups. Diagnosed diabetics need to be diligent with their care so that they can stay healthy and to avoid any complications can occur as a result of diabetes.
Some of the things that a person with diabetes can do to practice self-care are
  (1) see their doctor regularly,
  (2) have a yearly eye examination to check for any of the related eye conditions that can occur when a person has diabetes,
  (3) have a regular yearly dentist appointment,
  (4) stop smoking,
  (5) eat a healthy and balanced diet,
  (6) take proper care of the feet, since diabetes will affect the amount of blood circulation that reaches the feet.
When a person begins the process of self-care and assisting in the management of their diabetes they feel as though they have more say in their care and more control.
Diabetes Care Centers are set up in many areas to help patients understand their disease and how to care for themselves more fully. The staff will help you plan your diet, instruct you on how to take your medications, offer aid in planning which check-ups to pursue, and most important, give support to you and your family. These care centers are constantly doing research in hopes of finding a cure for diabetes.
Diabetes, a genetic disease, can manifest itself in the later years of life, especially if an individual is overweight and does not practice healthy diet and exercise habits. If you are prone to the risk factors for diabetes either as a result of genetics or due to your lifestyle, schedule an annual checkup so that early detection of diabetes is possible.


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