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Chiropractic treatment

Dr. Greg C. Molis

Chiropractic treatment is not just restricted to improving back and the

neck pain. Chiropractic treatment has many different forms. It is concerned with the general well being of the whole body. As a result you can visit a chiropractor as often as you like to keep up your health.
Chiropractic treatment deals with subluxations (misalignments of vertebrae causing nerve irritation) anywhere along the spinal column, not just in the lower back. Sometimes the vertebrae of the spine become misaligned or lose their range of motion for one reason or another. This misalignment puts pressure on nerves leading to and from the brain. A chiropractor helps put them back in place by using gentle and highly skilled adjustments.

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Some chiropractors believe in removal of subluxations, of a particular location along the spine, only, and they are called "straight" chiropractors. The logic they work on is that once subluxations are removed the body will naturally revitalize itself. Other category of chiropractors is called "mixers" because they mix their practice with other forms of health care like physical therapy, exercise programs and nutrition. They do this to give holistic care for the body.
The chiropractor decides on the type of care and method of treatment for his patients after discussing about the other medical conditions that the patient may have had. There are three main kinds of chiropractic care:
Relief Chiropractic Care
This is to help immediate relief needed for acute pain and discomfort when a patient is in a lot of pain. The frequency of visits are determined by the amount of damage that needs to be corrected.
Corrective Chiropractic Care
This type of care program is used for spine problems that have been there for a number of years and have deteriorated over the years, because of lack of correct treatment. This type of care requires long term treatment.
Maintenance Chiropractic Care
While the Maintenance Chiropractic Care as the name itself suggests is the line of treatment of their spine which has already been cured by chiropractic treatment. However, once the spine has been injured it becomes weak and therefore regular visits, to the chiropractor are required, say once in 2 to 6 weeks depending on the problem.
In chiropractic care the body's internal immune systems are used to provide healing to the patient. Usually spinal problems can create havoc with the patient's nerves and cells. With chiropractic treatment the intent is to heal not only the spine but rather the whole body to ensure the complete function of the body.
Though chiropractic treatment is seen more as an alternative form of cure many a time the chiropractor do refer their patients for medical attention. Basically the chiropractic treatment is based on the ideology that nervous system suffers from the ailments in the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. As a result the nervous system gets affected and causes other problems.
One can say that the chiropractic treatment is a very safe way to be cured. This is so because here the patients own healing powers are utilized to bring him relief. Patients in this treatment learn to prevent problems from happening by controlling their own health.
Dr. Greg C. Molis has been a Salt Lake chiropractor for 24 years. Time to get aligned!! Come on in. Your first adjustment is free. For questions or comments, please visit www.saltlakechiropractor.com

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