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Different types of beer

Author: Bob Kandl

With so many beers of various types to pick from, you will probably have to try several before you find your favorite. Since everyone has a favorite taste, you are in luck as there are so many beers to choose from.
One of the most popular types of beers is the lager beer. The word lager comes from the German word "lagern" which translates to mean "to store". Lager beers are usually served at a cool temperature rather than at room temperature. Lager beer is made by aging it in large kegs and letting the yeast settle. This creates a beer that is crisp and has a delicate flavor. It takes more time to make a lager beer than other beers since lagers are aged for a longer period of time.

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Another popular type of fermented beer is bock beer. This beer gets its name from German beer town of Einbeck. Book beer tends to be a bit heavier than lager beer. Its dark color is due in part to the malts used in the brewing process.
Ales are another type of beer and are generally served at room temperature. Even though individual ales have their own distinctive flavor, they all share some commonalities: fruitiness, some acidity, and a slightly bitter aftertaste that is actually good. The aging and brewing times for ales is slower than for the lagers.
Stout and porter types of beer are different from lagers and ales. These beers can be sweet or dry and flavored with oats, roasted malt barley, or certain types of sugars. Porter and stouts are known for their deep coloring and depth of taste, making them perfect for meals that are made of meat or fish. Combining a meal of oysters and stout beer has long been known as one of the finest meals in Europe.
When a beer is referred to as a "dry" type of beer what is being referred to is the amount of sugar that has been left in the beer after the fermentation process. A dry beer is fermented for a longer period of time than other beers so that most of the sugar has been transformed into alcohol. The end result of this lengthy fermentation process is a beer that is crisp and clear and has very little, if any, aftertaste.
Micro breweries have become extremely popular in recent years. They reside in countries worldwide and are great places to visit. Not only do you get to sample their beer, but you also learn about the culture in the region you are visiting.

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