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Author: Edgar Grenadell

Avoid the allergen

Allergies could be triggered by anything under the sun. The other problem with them is that they are difficult to diagnose and treat. Many things such as dust, pollen, medicines and chemicals can trigger an allergy. These

substances and any other thing that causes an allergy are called an allergen.
Everyone, however, does not have allergies. It all depends on one's immune system and how one reacts to substances which others may find perfectly normal. A person's immune system might find a substance bad and in reaction cause antibodies to be formed. This affects the cells and histamine is produced. It is ironic that it is the histamine and not the allergen, which causes all the discomfort associated with allergies. The symptoms associated with allergies are itchiness or soreness on the skin, nose, throat and eyes and also in the lungs and intestines. This process is repeated every time one comes across an allergen.

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It is not necessary that you remain allergic to the same allergen throughout your life. You could have an allergy at some point in your life and afterwards become totally immune to the same allergen. You may have hay fever for a few years, become immune to it afterwards, and become allergic to the same allergen later in life.
The tendency to be allergy prone is often hereditary. We will not necessarily develop the same allergies as our parents but will be have a predisposition to get them. Lots of children seem to suffer from allergies, but thankfully many of these disappear when they grow up.
Many medicines are available to fight allergies. The doctor only can prescribe medicines for some though most of them could be bought over the counter from a drugstore.
The most logical way to prevent an allergy off course is to avoid the allergen. This is not always easy. First of all the allergen has to be detected. If it is a rarely used product it is easy. If it is an essential or unavoidable thing like pollen, it becomes very difficult. One cannot keep the windows closed all the time or avoid the outdoors. Sometimes a family is even forced to abandon or give away a pet, as a family member is allergic to it.
Some might find an allergy a boon. A person who is allergic to dust is often advised to avoid cleaning or dusting!! It is, however, more practical to remove rugs and carpets and have a hard floor.
Edgar Grenadell is the publisher and editor of Fodd Allergy. For more insight, and immediate access to his articles library, visit www.foddallergy.com


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