Developing good heart and lung conditioning


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Developing and maintaining strength and endurance

The alpine lakes of the mountains of Idaho were once stocked with trout that were carried there in milk cans strapped to the backs of husky college boys. Some years out of college and softened by sedentary jobs, the same individuals, burdened only by sack lunches and fishing rods, had to stop several times for their "second wind" when they returned recently to the same lakes.

Every human being is the author of his
own health or disease. (Sivananda)
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There are still duck hunters who travel each autumn to a hilltop on the California-Oregon border; it is a favorite hunting ground for waterfowl that skim over the hill which separates two lakes on the Pacific Flyway. To reach the hilltop, the hunters have to scale a thousand feet of slippery lava rocks, and many drop out along the trail because of dizzy spells, painful leg cramps, and other discouraging symptoms. The peak bears the nickname of "Cardiac Ridge."
The point here is that true physical fitness involves more than a few easy or specialized exercises. A man can be a championship weight lifter with the physique of Mr. America, but he may not be able to compete in running, swimming, or other sports activities unless he has developed and maintained strength and endurance in the heart, lungs, and muscles used for functions other than weight lifting. Conversely, an individual who considers himself in good physical condition because he has been jogging for the past two years might be unable to lift a portable TV set.
The goal for anyone seeking an exercise program should be all-around physical fitness, with good heart and lung conditioning in addition to muscular strength.

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