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magnetic therapy products

Rare earth magnets on the REMBRANDT magnetic leather belt

Recently I had an operation for a gallbladder problem and after the operation I had extreme complications with a back problem.
Friends told me to try the magnetic back band from Rembrandt. So I did, it was the best gift I could have been given, after 24 hours I had complete relief and now I donít do anything without it.
Being so tiny in width you don't even know you are wearing anything - it is by far the best thing I have found for my back problem.

Joy M.,
HeidelBerg Victoria

health magnets
Health magnets

Some months ago I was talking with a couple of friends and telling them about the back pain that I was suffering from. One of the guys, Ian, told me about the use of rare earth magnets and the healing properties that they have. I am an Electrical/Electronics engineer and a member of both the Institution of Engineers Australia and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, USA, with over forty years experience in the industry. More recently l have been working directly in the field of electromagnetic radiation. We often hear many bad things about electromagnetic radiation, and some of them are true, but magnetic fields have been used for a long time to assist with the healing of bone fractures.
Anyway, Ian had some magnets with him and kindly put some on my trouser belt. I took great interest over the next couple of weeks as my back pain periodically waxed and waned.
Then I thought no more about it. I met Ian again just recently and he asked me how was my back pain. I was astounded because I had completely forgotten about the pain. It was gone. I have been wearing that trouser belt with the magnets on it for several months now, and there just isn't any more back pain.
My daily life is no different, I still do the same job at the computer, I do not take any analgesics, but no back pain.
I now believe that the rare earth magnets on my trouser belt have eliminated that pain. We may not know the scientific for this, but we do know that magnetic fields are important for the well being of all animals on the earth, and it would seem that the rare earth magnets, which can provide an intense field over a small area, can be beneficial to the body.
I would suggest to others who suffer from chronic back pain, to try these magnets.

Graeme M. MIEAust, MIEE, CPEng.
Brighton, Victoria

I am 54 and I try to play golf at least once a week. Even this little enjoyment I have has been tainted over several years with a chronic back ailment.
Recently, I was asked by another member of my club if I had thought of using magnets? My immediate reaction was that I knew where North and South poles were.
Having thought more, I eventually sort the use of magnets.
I have been using magnets now for 6 months and have found immense relief from their use. I would go as far as to say I would not be playing golf now had I not been told of them. I am not convinced that it could cure me of my back problem, but by heck, it does give me allot of relief from the pain.
I recommend you try it for yourself.

Geeva R.,
Moorabbin, Victoria


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