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magnetic therapy products

The REMBRANDT Magnetic Leather Belt

Rembrandt uses a unique (patent pending) combination of six 2400 Gauss Magnets attached to a soft natural body belt that you wear around your waist under your clothing. You can obtain more energy, enhance your ability to focus and relieve chronic pain just by wearing your magnetic belt.

magnetic tape

The Rare Earth Magnetic Branded Tape, using GENUINE leather, is adhered and sewn onto the REMBRANDT Branded Elastic Webbing and incorporates a Velcro Closure system for ease of use and fitting.
Genuine leather has been selected and used for its unique properties. Leather has the ability to breathe through the pores of the tanned skin

REMBRANDT Branded Elastic Webbing that incorporates a Velcro Closure system for ease of use and fitting


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