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magnetic therapy products

A magnet for natural chronic back pain relief

REMBRANDT is unique.
The REMBRANDT magnetic body belt uses six powerful 2400 Gauss magnets applied directly to your body for natural chronic back pain relief. By allowing the magnet to make direct contact with your skin, the full efficacy of the magnet is achieved.
If you were to place a material between the magnet and your skin, like most products on the market, the power and the effectiveness of the magnet would be dramatically reduced (this would be like having a thick piece of wood between you and a massage therapistís hands). In a therapeutic sense, the magnet is delivering a stronger energy transfer directly to the areas of concern (just like deep tissue massage) and in turn helping restore your overall body energies to their natural order.

health magnets
Health magnets

No other product on the market offers this unique system, that's why we have a patent pending.
You can obtain more energy, enhance your ability to focus and relieve chronic pain just by wearing your magnetic belt!
Biomagnetism works in the human body through the circulatory system, the nervous system and the endocrine system. Magnetism is continuously penetrating every known particle, right down to the single cell. Its ordering effect on living systems arise from the fact that magnetism is a blueprint of life itself. All known energies have, as a base, this electromagnetic field.
The latest research indicates that magnetism has a very significant beneficial biological effect on human beings.
Blood contains ferrous haemoglobin (iron) that functions as a carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide. As blood circulates the lungs, fully magnetized ferrous haemoglobin is able to transport more oxygen to the cell tissues as well as taking more carbon dioxide waste from the cells back to the lungs for removal. This means more energy and less fatigue as tissue cells and internal organs remain substantially healthier.
After regularly wearing the Rembrandt body belt many people report an energy reserve following a game or activity where previously they would be tired and in more pain from participating in that sport or activity.
In a nutshell, look at Rembrandt as a natural performance enhancer - for natural chronic back pain relief!


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