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magnetic therapy products

Magnet therapy products at the cutting edge of a healing health energy boom

Magnet therapy is used as a non-medical treatment to help relieve pain and increase the body's natural healing process.
It is understood and believed that magnet therapy products, when applied to the injured area, improve blood flow and oxygen levels thus reducing inflammation and enhancing the body's natural heating process.
It is also known that the magnetic field may block pain signals to the brain.

health magnets
Health magnets

Magnet therapy is at the cutting edge of a healing, health energy boom that is sure to revolutionize the way we treat our bodies. Magnets will not only help your game or activity, they could also improve the length and quality of your life.
The use of magnetic power dates way back to ancient civilizations and its therapeutic properties have actually been recorded in history by people such as the ancient Chinese and Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher.
Despite understanding the beneficial effects of magnetism for more than 6,000 years, the need for the Earth's magnetic force to maintain health was not recognized until the advent of space travel. NASA through their extensive space exploration research discovered that astronauts suffer from a magnetic field deficiency when they orbit in space, high above the earth's magnetic field. This deficiency causes them to experience up to 80% bone calcium loss, muscle cramps as well as a rapid deterioration in normal health.
Pain relief is the most common use of magnet therapy. Health magnets increase the capillary blood flow which helps flush lactic acid and other inflammatory agents that build up in the tissue, to ease pain and inflammation. The blood supply also carries oxygen which may be helpful in relaxing muscles and relieving cramps and spasms which are oxygen starved. This is the same reason massage is often used to loosen muscles in spasm: to allow blood to flow and deliver oxygen necessary to terminate the spasm.
Magnetic fields work much more quickly and effectively than heat, infrared light, anti-inflammatory drugs, trigger-point injections or microwave diathermy. Healing requires the resumption of normal blood flow to the injured site, not just simple pain relief (i.e. aspirin).
With magnet therapy products, knee braces can be removed more quickly; weightlifters can reduce lower back pain; sciatica (inflammation of sciatic nerve running down the hip and thigh) and carpal tunnel syndrome can be relieved.
Health magnets should not be used with pacemakers or automatic internal defibrillators, nor in cases of pregnancy.


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