You will now create a plan of action to start losing weight


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Tips on losing weight step by step

Before you start losing weight you need to create a plan of action. Armed with self-knowledge and feeling better psychologically, you can set up your plan NOW - if you postpone the starting date, you are simply not aware of the benefits of losing weight or you are not ready to take back your life yet. But perhaps you are just a bad dreamer. Think for a while: what would your new life be like, after having got rid of the excess weight. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down 10 sentences describing what you will do when you become slim. Your list could be similar to the following:

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  • I will ride my son's bike on the main street
  • I will go to the swimming pool
  • I will get into the beautiful dress I was wearing 15 years ago
  • I will call Jenny on the phone
  • I will fasten my seat belt in the plane
  • I will buy a bikini for the first time in my life
  • I will walk up the stairs
  • I will invite Mary to the disco club
  • I will apply for a new job at Bob's coffee shop
  • I will pass by John's store at closing time

By now you should not only have convinced yourself - intellectually and emotionally - that losing weight is truly worth the effort, you should also be enough self-motivated to achieve it. So start now:

Losing weight according to your plan

The first thing to determine when you plan losing weight is the number of pounds that have to go. A realistic goal to set is the loss of about one pound per week. This may be too slow but remember, that at this rate, fifty pounds can be lost in a year! There are really no easy ways to lose weight quickly and permanently. On the contrary, losing weight fast is repeatedly proven to lead to gaining weight fast immediately after you stop a diet - any diet.

   I've been on a constant diet for the last two
decades. I've lost a total of 789 pounds. By all
accounts, I should be hanging from a charm
bracelet (Author unknown)

Start by weighing yourself on arising and then for two weeks try to eat in your customary manner, but try to keep a record of what you eat. During this period, continue to do your usual amount of physical activity. When two weeks are over, weigh yourself again at the same time as before. If you haven't gained any weight, you are in a basal caloric state. Then check over your food list to see what might be eliminated each day without causing you discomfort.
As you may be eager to start losing weight right from the start (I was), try to eliminate a few carbohydrates and fats from day one. If you are in the habit of having an occasional drink, remember that there are calories in alcohol but no nutrients and that most alcoholic beverages stimulate the appetite. If you plan losing weight by counting calories (I didn't) keep in mind that the items you cut down on must add up to between 300-400 calories a day if you are going to lose one pound per week.

  One should eat to live, not live to eat. (Moliere)

Your total daily food intake should be divided among at least three meals a day, more if you wish. If you need to eat more food or to eat more often, try snacking on low calorie foods such as cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumber and cauliflower. All of these can be eaten raw between meals.
You may now want to learn basic dieting tips on losing weight with your weight loss program.


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