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              Orthopedic build ups/Pedorthic modifications

Orthopedic build ups

Through our doors walk a number of people that have endured foot pain for numerous years, either from ill-fitting shoes or other conditions, that can be improved by proper or modified footwear. Our experience in the shoe fitting industry has proven that to ensure proper fit, it is crucial to match footwear to foot type, and not the other way around!
As a natural reflex, individuals experiencing foot pain are attracted to soft, thin soled shoes; a paradox, as you will get optimum benefit from sturdy shoes, that have specific orthopedic characteristics, such as a stiff heel counter and rigid shank.

As proud members of the Pedorthic Association of Canada and through affiliations with numerous foot specialists, we have gained unparalleled experience when it comes to fitting "hard-to-fit" patients.
In addition, we are the organization of choice for many rehabilitation centres in order to help occupational injury patients, whether they were previously fitted for orthotics or not.


Diabetes can have a high impact on one's lifestyle, including ambulation, secondary to limited sensation of decreased blood circulation. Proper fitting shoes, with no pressure points nor seams, are essential in preventing hyperkeratosis (corn, dry skin) or ulceration. To some patients, this can be as drastic as keeping or losing a limb!
Although there are many types of arthritis, proper fitting footwear and certain footwear modifications will help reduce joint inflammation and will accomodate toe deformities.

Metatarsalgia/Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis: The classic signs are pain in the medial longitudinal arch of the foot, especially in the morning. Combined with custom corrective orthotics and orthopedic footwear, stretching will reduce the symptoms of this condition.
Metatarsalgia: This "pain in the ball of the foot" can be controlled through various approaches; from extra-depth/extra-width shoes and orthotic fitting, to adding a rocker sole to reduce painful foot motion.
Sole to Soul Inc. is designed to meet the needs of high risk and difficult to fit individuals. We provide specialty footwear to help accomodate foot disorders like hammer toes, bunions, swellings, ulcers, etc. All our footwear is modifiable in order to stabilize and support deformities, reduce shock and limit/increase the motion of joints.

1213 4TH ST. S.W., CALGARY, AB, T2R0X7, (403)274-8331

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