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Author: Tina J

Help Prevent Osteoporosis

People can help prevent osteoporosis by getting a grip with strong-bone habits such as follows:

1. Get enough calcium and vitamin D: These nutrients are the big shots proven to help prevent osteoporosis and fractures. For calcium get at least 100 mg daily the equivalent of 3 glasses of low fat milk. For vitamin D, get 200-400 IU. Good sources: sunlight, oily fish sardine, mackerel, cod. These foods also provide calcium of your bones. Ragi, Bengal gram, soy are good vegetarian sources of calcium. More on calcium and its use on our body bone functioning at www.online-vitamins-guide.com/minerals/calcium.htm

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2. Get moving: Weight bearing exercise, which includes walking, jogging, and even stair climbing, helps maintain your bone density. The higher the impact the better. Try 50 jumps daily in front of the TV. Exercise at least 5 minutes a week, and include the following in your program: one hour of weight bearing exercise such as walking; or 30 minutes of resistance exercise, such as weight lifting; or a combination of two.
3. If you smoke, QUIT: Cigarette smoking may reduce your ability of absorb calcium. Smoking is also thought to damage brain cells and prevent new bone growth.
4. Easy does it: Limit your alcoholic intake to no more than two drinks per day. Alcohol is bad for the bones in several ways. It blocks the bone's ability to build itself. Too much alcohol can also cause testosterone levels to drop and a drop in this male hormone for any reason leads to bone loss. Heavy drinking also causes you to lose calcium through the urine.
5. To help prevent osteoporosis, get your Vitamin K rations: Fenugreek, drumsticks, spinach and other dark green and leafy vegetables supply vitamin K, a lesser-known vitamin that your body may need for healing fractured bones and maintaining normal bones. Vitamin K is also helpful in maintaining other critical body functions - visit www.online-vitamins-guide.com/vitamins/vitamin-k.htm
6. Eat your veggies: Several studies have found that those who eat the most fruits and vegetables have denser bones. Every extra serving of a vegetable per day increases hipbone density by 1 percent. And every 1 percent increase reduces your risk of fracture by 5 percent.
Tina J is the director and editor of the Online Vitamins Guide providing lots of healthy recipes and tips to adjust them to all age groups. The ingredients are of high nutritional value with different recipes for common diseases, weight loss and weight gain.


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