Depression and its two-way relation to obesity


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Depression and its two-way relation
to obesity

Depression is a universal experience, but normally we can be cheered up

by a change of scene, seeing a friend, or buying something new. Depression that grips you inescapably is probably the most unpleasant experience a human being can suffer, certainly worse than physical illness. Symptoms of depression are loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities, persistent sadness or unhappiness, utter hopelessness, and a feeling that you will never get better. Sometimes there is an unbearable oppression of guilt, often over what others would consider unimportant, or a morbid lack of self-confidence: "Nothing I do ever comes right." This is associated with a diminution of initiative and endeavor, and a slowing down of thought and activity.

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Go as far as you can see and when you get there,
you will always be able to see farther. (Zig Ziglar)

Depression symptoms are also lethargy or irritability; difficulty thinking or concentrating; an unwanted feeling that goes with complete self-absorption and self-pity, and disturbed sleep: either an inability to get off, or early waking. You realize the sleep disorders and the stress symptoms but can do nothing about them. Some people experience physical discomfort, others find difficulty in doing what in the past seemed simple and obvious.

Obesity is often a symptom of depression, but it may be that obesity caused depression in your case. A classic example of this is some overweight people's refusal to get into larger sized clothes and continue their usual outdoor activities. Unwilling to even dress up, they prefer hiding themselves in their homes rather than taking the GREAT DECISION to get back their lives.
Because YES, there is a very important decision to take.

Winning starts with beginning.   (Robert H. Schuller)

Whether depression caused obesity or obesity caused depression, a change of habits is recommended to fight both. A reduced, but healthy diet must be followed and the power to move on must be achieved.

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