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Taking Ultimate Health Formulas together

CalMax, Nu-Zymes and B1 Bomber were developed to work with the 3 main body systems to help promote overall health and function. Each formula works in a different way to help provide positive physical effects.

CalMax works primarily on the muscular system to help relieve pain and tension. Nu-Zymes works primarily on the digestive system to help increase its effectiveness and decrease discomfort. B1 Bomber works primarily on the nervous system to help reduce stress. The Ultimate Health Formulas are safe, intended to be taken together and complement each other. They are an effective way to help maintain overall physical function and stability.
Many problems in the body have overlapping symptoms. For example, people with arthritis may experience joint pain. They may decide to try to relieve pain by supplementing with calcium and magnesium.

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However, if the pain returns, the source of the pain may not be muscle tension but is instead joint swelling as a result of improper protein breakdown. Calcium and magnesium may temporarily help with pain relief but cannot help the cause of swelling. In addition, an arthritis sufferer would benefit from taking enzymes to help reduce protein buildup in the joints.
Another example is a person who takes B vitamins for help with headache relief. B vitamins might help relax nerves which in turn helps relax surrounding muscles. However, if muscles are already tense, that tension may put pressure on the nerves and cause them to swell. Or, a food allergy resulting from poor digestion could be responsible. In either case, headache pain may return.
When adding these 3 formulas to the daily diet, it helps balance all 3 of the main systems and pain and discomfort may be fended off more easily.

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