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The kid's CalMax Formula

Kid's CalMax was developed at the request of parents who had great

success with the regular CalMax formula and wanted their children to experience the same benefits. It is made especially to accomodate children's tastes and help them meet their nutritional needs. The Kid's formula differs from the adult's. Kid's CalMax uses a 3:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. Children have smaller bodies and different nutritional needs. The amount of magnesium has been adjusted in the Kid's CalMax formula to fit the individual needs of children, while still maximizing the absorption and benefits of these nutrients. Kid's CalMax also has a tropical punch flavor that kids love. The great-tasting, natural tropical flavor has no artificial colors, sweeteners or chemicals.

Kids Calmax

Kid's CalMax helps provide nutritional support to children. It also benefits children by providing the essential calcium needed to grow strong and stay healthy. It is an especially good addition to the diets of children who are "picky eaters", allergic to milk products and those who have been ill, as it helps suppplement two of the most important minerals that these children may lack.
You should always check with a pediatrician before giving your children any substance. Kid's CalMax can be used for children over the age of 2 until the age of 14. After the age of 14, regular CalMax can be used to meet the growing nutritional needs of a teenager.

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