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B1 Bomber common questions and answers

I take some of the support nutrients in the formula separately. Can get too much of them by also taking B1 Bomber?
Vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, vitamin E and trace minerals are included in B1 Bomber to help increase absorption of B vitamins. These are mostly burned up during the absorption process. No significant amounts of these support nutrients are available after the B vitamins are absorbed. You can safely continue taking these nutrients in other supplements.

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Why does my urine turn dark yellow when I take the B1 Bomber?
The bright yellow urine is due to the fact that B vitamins are water soluble. When your body is balanced, the remainder of the vitamins will be eliminated in the urine. This is a sign that your body is accepting and properly using the supplement.
B1 Bomber keeps me awake at night. What should I do?
Some people are more sensitive to the effects of B vitamins than others. As B vitamins affect nerves, they can either relax or energize you and each person is different. If B1 Bomber keeps you awake at night, simply take the capsules in the morning.
Can I take B1 Bomber while I am on medication?
B1 Bomber is a high quality B-Complex with no added chemicals or fillers. It has not been shown to interact with any medications. However, if you are on a prescription medication, it is best to consult your physician to see if B1 Bomber is appropriate for you.
Why does B1 Bomber have more than the RDA of nutrients?
The Recommended Daily Allowance, or RDA, was initially set up to provide the basic amounts of nutrients necessary to prevent deficiency diseases like scurvy. It does not take into account lifestyle choices, such as alcohol consumption, caffeine, smoking, medications, stress and high sugar intake, all of which deplete nutrients. B1 Bomber is formulated to work specifically on the nervous system and to have effects on nerve conditions. It contains the needed amounts of vitamins to help with conditions like stress, anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, nervousness, shoulder and neck pain, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate etc. These conditions have not been considered by the RDA. B1 Bomber is water soluble, so whatever nutrients your body doesn't use are eliminated through urination.
I am on an antidepressant; is B1 Bomber safe for me to take?
B1 Bomber should not affect antidepressant medication negatively. B1 Bomber works directly on the nervous system to help calm and balance nerves. In fact, some users of B1 Bomber report their doctors have taken them off antidepressants after using B1 Bomber. However, if you are on a prescription medication it is best to consult your physician to see if B1 Bomber is appropriate for you.
I want to give B1 Bomber to my kids; is there an age limit?
B1 Bomber can safely be given to children. However, it is best to consult your physician to see if B1 Bomber is appropriate for your child.
I am taking a multivitamin; should I stop taking it while I take B1 Bomber?
Multivitamins are an effective way to help get basic nutrients into your system for daily function. Multivitamins, however, do not work on specific nerve conditions. B1 Bomber can be taken along with a multivitamin, even if the multivitamin contains B vitamins.
I am taking a B complex; should I stop taking it while I take B1 Bomber?
Yes. B1 Bomber is a B complex so you can safely take it in place of the one you have been taking. When you substitute B1 Bomber, you will be able to identify its particular benefits.
I am pregnant; is it safe to take the B1 Bomber?
B vitamins have not been shown to be harmful to pregnant women. In fact, the reduction of stress during pregnancy can have a positive effect on a foetus.

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