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Conditions in the body - B1 Bomber

The nutrients in B1 Bomber work to maximize absorption of B vitamins in the blood stream while improving nerve function throughout the body. By

stabilizing the nervous system, many conditions may be improved. B1 Bomber does not cure or treat specific conditions. Instead, it works to provide your body with the tools it needs to heal itself.

ADD or Hyperactivity
A deficiency of B vitamins may produce many of the same symptoms as those associated with A.D.D. Children burn nerve nutrients as fast, if not faster, than adults. By restoring these nutrients to their systems, children may become calmer, more focused, less irritable, with less moodiness and greater ability to concentrate.

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Anxiety or Panic Attacks or Stress
B vitamins have been shown to have a positive effect on the nervous system and the brain's nerve messengers. By calming the nerves, the brain may also become calmer and function better. B vitamins have been proven to help support the nervous system, which helps to minimize the effects of stress.
Arthritis or joint pain
When nerves are tense or feel "frazzled", muscles react by clenching and adding pressure to the joints. B vitamins can help relax nerves so muscles can also relax, helping to remove pressure from sore joints.
Energy levels or fatigue
When you are nervous or stressed out for extended periods, muscles, organs and the brain all become tired. This affects energy levels and can induce fatigue. By balancing the nervous system, the entire body may function better, with less fatigue and therefore, increased energy.
Heart disease
Tension affects blood flow, which may in turn interfere with proper heart function. Stress also depletes the blood of nutrients, which may result in higher blood pressure. B vitamins work to help support better heart function.
Migraines or Muscle spasms
Migraines are the result of swollen blood vessels which put pressure on brain tissue. Muscle spasms are a result of clenched muscles. Both conditions may be linked to nerve instability that causes muscles to tense and puts pressure on blood vessels, discs and other muscles. Both conditions may be helped by balancing the nervous system.
Nervousness or Nerve Disorders
When a person feels nervous or has a nervous condition, the body burns up more of the vital nutrients that fuel the nervous system.

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