V-Store Nerve nutrients perform the same function in the body as oil does in a car engine


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What are nerve nutrients?

The nervous system is the part of the body that is negatively affected when exposed to and bombarded by stress. Whether stress

is associated with work, personal relationships, financial difficulty, health problems etc. it affects the body in the same way. Accumulated daily stress is converted to tension and pressure: the Daily Stress Factor.
The Daily Stress Factor may lead to the start of many diseases and physical problems. As a result of stress, the body tenses and nerves feel "frazzled". The nervous system uses up the available nutrients in the blood stream and when they are depleted, a person may begin to feel stress: the Deficiency Factor.

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The Deficiency Factor is important because a person can actually begin to feel "stressed out" when the system has depleted the nutrients necessary to maintain the nervous system.
The nervous system depends on several "nerve nutrients" to maintain activity and function. These nutrients perform the same function in the body as oil does in a car engine. A car cannot run for long without oil because the engine would burn up. The nervous system has similar requirements.
Vitamin B1 (thiamin) is one of the most vital nutrients for nerves. Many substances, such as alcohol, caffeine and medications deplete B1. Taking too much straight B1 or any one type of B vitamin may destroy the balance of other vitamins and minerals.

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