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How do I use B1 Bomber?

Take 2 capsules of B1 Bomber at a time. Most people take this formula at night before bedtime; however, it can be taken any time. Also, the capsules can be opened and the contents added to water for easier digestion.

When you first begin taking B1 Bomber, take 2 capsules twice daily, for about 2 weeks, to help quickly raise your levels of B vitamins. Once your system has stabilized, you can take the formula once a day. While this schedule is not essential, many people do get quicker results when beginning this way, especially if they are suffering from high levels of stress or anxiety.
If you are taking B1 Bomber to help with the symptoms like headaches, stiff neck/shoulders, fatigue, lack of ability to concentrate, or hyperactivity, you should take 2 capsules at the onset of the condition.

B1 Bomber vitamin

The same can be done for symptoms associated with conditions like panic attacks, nervousness or other nerve disorders. If you do not feel results within 15-20 minutes, you may take two more capsules. Continue until you begin to feel relief but do not take more than 10 capsules daily. B1 Bomber is water soluble so the body eliminates any amounts it does not use.
As B vitamins are water soluble, most children above the age of 2 can take the same dosage as adults without concern of over consumption. B1 Bomber may help when used for children who are hyperactive or those with concentration problems, mood swings, frequent irritability or nervous disorders

What results can I expect?

Many people who use B1 Bomber report significant results within the first 2 weeks of using the formula. As it works directly on the nervous system, many people report relief from symptoms caused by improper nerve function like: headaches, migraines, stiff neck and shoulders, joint pain, panic attacks, anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of ability to concentrate, fatigue and nervousness. With continued use, effects may increase.

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