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Testimonials on Nu-Zymes

"Much to my husband's and my amazement, within one and a half weeks we feel like life is going to be great again. Our energy is higher, we both started losing our food cravings and started to lose weight and, miracle of miracles I no longer have any symptoms or attacks of acid reflux. We are sold hook, line and sinker!"

                      Ray and Gloria T.-MI

"I used to get very tired after eating. I would feel sluggish and have trouble concentrating. Sometimes I would not eat because I knew how it would make me feel. After using Nu-Zymes with every meal, my energy went up and I felt great! I carry a bottle with me everywhere."

                                     Charlie M.-CA

"I've tried many enzyme products, none of which suggested taking one or two between meals and I'll have to say, I've only been taking these 3-4 days and I am digesting my food much better. I've been fighting digestive problems (irritable bowel) for years... and I pray you never change this product!"

                                       Deon T.-MT

"I'd like to have you know how much Nu-Zymes are a part of my life. Prior to Nu-Zymes, my digestive system had been sluggish. I would retain all foods, bloat up with very little elimination. I am now regular and that is due to Nu-Zymes as I have not changed anything in my diet. The Nu-Zymes are a terrific product! I also lost a few pounds!"

                                      Marian O.-MN

"I find Nu-Zymes helps me as I suffer from severe digestive problems due to fibromyalgia. Somehow it makes quite a difference in my ability to digest food. Thank you very much!"

                                     Pauline H.-AZ

"My daughter-in-law had been using Nu-Zymes for many months and kept trying to get me to try them. I always refused thinking that they sounded too good to be true. On a car trip we took together, I ate some fast food that gave me the worst gas and heartburn of my life - my stomach was completely bloated. My daughter-in-law gave me 4 Nu-Zymes capsules. In desperation, I took them. I was so surprised when I began to get relief from the bloating and gas about 15 minutes later. I now take them daily and notice new results all the time. Thanks!".

                                       Cindy K.-MA


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