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There are 3 easy ways to make Calmax

Calmax Classic - Add a heaping teaspoon of the powder to a cup. Use a regular kitchen teaspoon, not a measuring spoon). Add one half-cup boiling

water. After the liquid begins to fizz, stir until the fizzing stops and the liquid begins to clear. Now, fill the rest of the cup with cold water. This is the classic way to make CalMax and will give you a warm drink with a slightly tart taste.

CalMax Tea - Add a heaping teaspoon of powder to a cup. Fill the entire cup with boiling water; it will fizz. Stir until the fizzing stops and the liquid begins to clear. Now, add your favorite caffeine-free, herbal tea bag to make a tasty hot beverage. Chamomile and apple cinnamon teas have been reported as good flavor combinations. Make sure to use caffeine-free tea as caffeine may hinder the absorption of calcium.


CalMax Cool - Add a heaping teaspoon of powder to a cup. Add just enough boiling water to start the fizzing and dissolve the powder - less than half-cup. Stir until the fizzing stops and the liquid begins to clear. Add this liquid to a tall glass of cold water or unsweetened fruit juice. Add ice cubes if you like. Make sure the fruit juice has no added sugar which might hinder the absorption of calcium.
*For people with sensitive palates*
Many people enjoy the slightly tart flavor of Classic CalMax; however, to change the flavor of CalMax use a heaping spoon of powder and add just enough boiling water to start the fizzing action. Stir until the powder is dissolved. Now add this small amount of CalMax liquid to fruit juice.
*Giving CalMax to children*
Decrease dosage to 1/2 teaspoon and add the liquid to fruit juice.
CalMax can be taken on an empty or full stomach. Begin by taking CalMax a minimum of 2 times daily for the first 2 weeks. 3 times daily if pain, tension or condition is severe). This allows CalMax to help raise the levels of calcium and magnesium available. Many people have reported pain and tension relief within this 2-week period. Based on your results, you can continue to take it 2-3 times daily or drop to 1 daily maintenance serving. Because of individual physical conditions and medical requirements, dosage and results may vary.
CalMax can be taken anytime, up to 3 times daily; adjust these times to fit your schedule. If you are taking CalMax as your primary calcium supplement, take as many servings as you need to meet your individual intake requirement.
If you have problems sleeping, take one serving of CalMax about 20 minutes prior to bedtime. The calcium and magnesium help to relax the muscles throughout your body, which in turn helps you relax internally. By relaxing muscles, it may be possible to reduce the onset or severity of muscle spasms, leg cramps, insomnia and even promote a calmer disposition.
CalMax is a high-quality calcium supplement with no added chemicals or filters. Remember, if you are on a prescription medication it is best to consult your physician to see if CalMax is appropriate for you.

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