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Nu-Zymes common questions and answers

Will taking enzymes make my digestive system lazy?

No, the pancreas adapts to any type of food that is consumed. Supplemental enzymes are support tools used to help assimilate food and the body adapts to these enzymes. However, the simple presence of food in the stomach will always trigger the production of enzymes, whether or not supplemental enzymes are used. Supplemental enzymes help the body function, but do not affect the body's ability to function naturally.

Are there any side effects with Nu-Zymes?
When taken as directed, there are no known side effects with Nu-Zymes.


Can I take Nu-Zymes while I am on medication?
Nu-Zymes is a high quality digestive enzyme supplement with no added chemicals or fillers. It has not been shown to interact with any medications. However, if you are on a prescription medication it is best to consult your physician to see if Nu-Zymes is appropriate for you.
Can I take Nu-Zymes with my vitamins?
Millions of people take daily vitamin supplements not realizing they may be wasting their money. If you lack the powerful enzymes necessary to break down the elements you consume, many vitamins may be left intact and undigested, rendering them useless. The technical name for vitamin is "co-enzyme". For example, vitamin C is "co-enzyme C", vitamin E is "co-enzyme E", etc. In order for vitamins to be effective, enzymes must be present. Enzymes actually help activate the vitamins you are takiing, perhaps for the first time. Enzymes work to break down vitamins and get them into the blood before they are eliminated.
I am diabetic; is Nu-Zymes safe for me to take?
Nu-Zymes does not contain sugar.
I want to give Nu-Zymes to my kids; is there an age limit?
Nu-Zymes can be given to children. Children eat the same enzyme-deficient foods as their parents and can benefit from enzyme supplementation. However, it is best to consult your physician to see if Nu-Zymes is appropriate for your children.
Can I take Nu-Zymes if I am nursing?
Nu-Zymes does not have a negative effect on breast milk. In fact, children who are breast-fed acquire dozens of enzymes from their mother's milk. With your doctor's permission, Nu-Zymes may even be added to infant formula to help with colic.
What if I have problems swallowing pills?
Nu-Zymes tablets may be opened and the contents can be sprinkled over food or added to water for a liquid supplement.
After taking Nu-Zymes, I develop gas. Why?
If you have gas after taking Nu-Zymes, you are probably not taking enough capsules with each meal. Your body has enough enzymes to start the process, though not enough to finish digestion. Try increasing the amount of capsules by 1 or 2 per meal. This should help stop the gas.
Why aren't the enzymes measured in mg like my other vitamins?
Enzymes are not like vitamins and minerals and are measured by their reaction time, not by amount or weight.

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