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Nu-Zymes and conditions in the body

The enzymes found in Nu-Zymes work to help maximize digestion of nutrients in the blood stream while helping to decrease digestive discomfort. By enhancing nutrient absorption, many conditions may be affected. Nu-Zymes does not cure or treat specific conditions. Instead, it works to give your body the tools it needs to heal itself.

Aging - Research clearly shows that humans have an enzyme production potential which decreases over time. Enzyme-deficient diets can encourage enormous amounts of enzymes to be secreted by the pancreas and other digestive organs, like the liver. Over-burdening these organs may result in shortened life span, illness and increased physical stress. By adding digestive enzymes, this abnormal aging process could be slowed. Digestive enzymes help with nutrient absorption and stomach difficulties and also help to keep the body young and healthy by relieving undue strain on the other digestive organs, such as the pancreas,


liver and kidneys. Plus, an adequate supply of enzymes is essential for helping to keep skin youthful and healthy. According to some researchers, enzymes fight the aging process by increasing blood supply to the skin, which delivers nutrients while carrying away waste products which can make the skin look dull and wrinkled.
Arthritis or Sore Joints - Many people who complain about stiffness in their hands, especially in the fingers, conclude that the swelling and inflammation in their hands are signs of old age or early arthritis. However, research confirms that swollen and stiff joints often result from an inability to digest and metabolize protein properly in the small intestine. Fluid drawn from swollen joints has been shown to be composed mostly of protein. Worldwide, many doctors treat joint inflammation with protein-digesting enzymes. While it may take several weeks to experience results from this treatment, significant improvement may occur. Unfortunately, the duration of the condition affects the time it takes for the enzymes to break down incoming protein molecules and stored proteins, in order to relieve pain and swelling.
Cholesterol - Diets high in animal fat can cause cholesterol to settle in arteries. Lipase works to break down fats quickly and assists in using fat for energy. A decrease in fat can lead to a reduction in cholesterol.
Colon Cancer - In the colon, undigested protein will putrefy, starches, sugars and carbohydrates will ferment and fats will turn rancid. Enzymes help break down food we eat and process waste effectively. By adding enzymes to your diet, you may greatly reduce the amount of toxic buildup in the colon area which may contribute to cancerous formations.
Diabetes - Research shows that people deficient in amylase will have higher than normal blood sugar levels. Amylase helps with the utilization of sugar in the blood. Many diabetics may lower their insulin requirements if they consumed more raw vegetables and supplemented with enzymes that have high concentrations of amylase.
Heartburn - Heartburn occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. Recurrent heartburn may lead to severe inflammation of the esophagus, acid reflux disease and cancer. Enzymes in this formula help process food more quickly and efficiently in the upper stomach to help prevent excess acid from accumulating and backing up into the throat.
Heart Conditions - Different enzymes have been shown to have positive effects on certain cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other blood vessel diseases. Lipase helps digest triglycerides in fats, releasing fatty acids and glycerol. Several enzymes in this formula may also help increase the absorption rate of minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are crucial to proper heart function. Amylase can allow for better blood sugar stabilization, fewer mood swings and less anxiety. Cellulase and CereCalase™, enhance the ability to use fiber. An increase of fiber, according to the F.D.A., helps prevent heart disease.
Mental Clarity - Nutrients are carried through the blood stream to be delivered throughout our body for proper function. Mental fatigue and the diminished ability to think clearly may result from low nutrient levels in the blood stream.
Immune function - The immune system and enzyme levels have a strong connection because enzymes help strengthen the immune system. A deficiency of digestive enzymes may lower immunity and can also lead to other disturbances. Enzymes help deliver nutrients, remove toxic wastes, digest food, purify the blood, deliver hormones by feeding and fortifying the endocrine system, balance cholesterol and triglyceride levels and feed the brain, all while causing no harm. These actions contribute to the strengthening of the immune system.
Lactose intolerance - Many people are unable to completely break down lactose or milk sugars. The inability to digest this sugar may cause malabsorption and physical discomfort, such as bloating, cramping, gas and diarrhea. Lactase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose, and its production decreases after childhood. Clinical studies have shown that people who supplement with the enzyme lactase have decreased symptoms of lactose intolerance. Nu-Zymes contains a large amount of lactase.
Mood Swings - Because 46% of digested protein is converted to glucose upon demand, inadequate protein digestion may lead to hypoglycemia. Symptoms include moodiness, irritability, etc.
Obesity and Weight Loss - People who are overweight or obese generally have a lipase deficiency. In part, lipase helps burn fat for energy, instead of storing it. People who are overweight or obese will notice increased energy, especially after eating, when lipase is added to their diets. Additionally, some weight loss may occur as the body becomes more efficient at processing consumed fats and eliminating accumulated waste that has been improperly stored by the body. Amylase is another enzyme that helps with this condition by breaking down sugar and starch that can turn into stored fat if not properly digested.

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