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Why is Nu-Zymes unique?

Each batch of Nu-Zymes is laboratory tested to help ensure the product is "bio-active". The nutritional company that produces Nu-Zymes has been in operation since the 1930's and is one of the most respected enzyme companies in the world. Their F.D.A. approved laboratory meets the strictest requirements for bioactivity and quality.

Nu-Zymes is a true product. The ingredients listed on the label are those that you are actually taking into your body. There are no "hidden" fillers, additives or other ingredients.
Nu-Zymes has extraordinary potency. Each capsule contains a large amount of enzymes, allowing you to consume fewer capsules per meal. Increased potency helps bring faster relief and saves money too.


Nu-Zymes includes CereCalase as its secret ingredient. This proprietary blend of 3 enzymes helps increase the absorption of specific nutrients. These enzymes work to release fiber-bound nutrients (nutrients that are "stuck to fiber") internally and in the food you have consumed. CereCalase™ has been formulated to disrupt the cell walls of herbs, vegetables and fruits to break down the "anti-nutritive" factors shown to inhibit mineral absorption. It helps allow minerals, like calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron, to be more available to your system.
To function properly, your body is in serious need of "new" enzymes to replace those that have been lost. This formula contains these "new" enzymes in the most potent, balanced and bio-available form for maximum effectiveness.

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