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Testimonials from people like you!

"I am 73 years old and I have severe arthritis, weakened bones and my fingernails are soft and brittle. I can drink half cup of CalMax when my back hurts and get results in 15 minutes to 30 minutes. CalMax has helped me a lot."

                         Zora M.-CA

"I recently received your CalMax formula. I was so afraid I would not like it in a liquid form but after trying it - I loved it! I feel so much better since taking this and I am sleeping like a baby!"

                         Estelle M.-MO

"I have had low back pain and hip pain continuously for over 3 years; nothing would alleviate the pain. After 2 cans of the CalMax the pain has subsided and my quality of life has improved so much! I no longer have to sit up for hours on end with the heating pad, watching the world go by."

                                      Bonnie B.-NY

"This product is a great bone builder, and CalMax wipes out my insomnia. Best of all, my energy is at peak level."

                                        Jane D.-CA

"I've had a problem with night sweats and not being able to go back to sleep - but since using CalMax, it is much quicker and easier. I also notice less tension in my neck and shoulders and low back. I've only taken it for 1 week but like it a lot. Thank you for such a pure and reasonable product."

                                     Michele R.-CA

"I took 2 doses and all my pain has disappeared. Believe me, prior to this, every morning I'd be so stiff, I used to hate to wake up and get moving. Just last week I received my 4th order of CalMax and I will never be without it".

                                       Betty W.-OH

"I have been taking CalMax less than 30 days and have seen a 'tremendous' improvement. I have had fibromyalgia for several years... I have very stiff muscles in my back... I could not bend over without very bad pain... Since I started taking CalMax, I have been able to move without the stiffness and pain I once experienced."

                                        Rita C.-IN


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