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Conditions in the body - CalMax

The nutrients in CalMax work to maximize the absorption of calcium in the blood stream. Yet, these nutrients may also have profound effects on many illnesses and conditions. CalMax does not cure or treat any specific condition. Instead, it helps to give your body the tools it needs to heal itself.

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis or Osteoporosis - Calcium and magnesium have been shown to help relax muscles, which may allow you to sleep better and longer than you have in a long time. Relaxed muscles will also relieve tension on the joints and nerves, helping to reduce pain, migraines, anxiety and cramping. Calcium can also help prevent or slow osteoporosis by preserving adequate mineral mass, preventing loss of structural bone components, maximizing repair of damaged bones and helping prevent loss of bone mass.


Back pain - Magnesium is known to relax muscles and help relieve the stress responsible for muscle spasms. It may also relax the muscles around nerves and discs which can often contribute to back pain.
Menopause or PMS - Calcium has often been used to help with cravings and for overall balance of nutrients during women's menstrual cycles. Calcium and magnesium have also been shown to help with headaches, irritability, insomnia, water retention and depression. The combination of calcium and magnesium can help restore balance to the blood stream while supporting proper hormone function which can result in reduced cramping, hot flashes and mood swings.
A.D.D. or Hyperactivity - When calcium and magnesium are added to a child's daily routine, the minerals have been shown to encourage better sleep, which may allow for less irritability and increased ability to concentrate. Magnesium deficiency has also been shown to promote the same symptoms as those associated with A.D.D.
Heart disease and Hypertension - The stresses of surgery and/or medications can destroy nutrients which are vital to a healthy system. Magnesium has been proven to have a significant effect on heart function and is used by doctors to help prevent atherosclerosis, reduce blood pressure, treat angina, prevent strokes and improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Calcium has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure.
Insomnia - Calcium and magnesium have both been recommended for help with insomnia. The magnesium works to relax strained nerves and muscles which may often interfere with sleep.
Migraines - Magnesium has long been used to treat food-allergy-induced migraine headaches. Additionally, migraines are caused primarily by swollen blood vessels in the brain. Calcium and magnesium help blood vessels to remain open by keeping muscles and nerves relaxed and maintaining stable energy levels.
Chronic fatigue syndrome (C.F.S.) - There is evidence that an imbalance of calcium in the blood stream can lead to many of the symptoms associated with C.F.S. such as: joint pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, insomnia and depression. When the critical 1% of calcium in the blood stream drops, there is a wide range of effects.

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