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Why CalMax is unique

Many people taking calcium supplements still have bones that break and muscles that are wasting away; people feel weak, tired and stressed. Many abdominal X-rays were observed which show small, white, torpedo-shaped objects in the digestive tract. Are they tumors or bone fragments? No, they are most likely undigested calcium tablets and other vitamins taken

5-6 hours earlier, on the way out of the body. Other people can easily relate to the term "bed pan bullets".
It seems that many calcium tablets are not fully digested. If they were, calcium deficiency would not be at such epidemic proportions. For maximum calcium absorption, there are very specific elements needed.
CalMax contains these elements as its three main ingredients: calcium gluconate, magnesium carbonate and vitamin C. It is completely natural, safe and you can feel it working.


1. It is not in tablet form. Hard, pressed tablets can be difficult to break down, creating more work for the digestive system. In order to bind the ingredients into tablet form, a chemical is used to hold the tablet together. Also, because tablets can irritate the stomach, many manufacturers include an "antacid coating" to prevent irritation. CalMax comes in a unique powdered form, which allows it to predissolve easily and makes it highly absorbable.
2. It has the 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. This ratio is most often recommended by doctors. Calcium works synergistically with magnesium to penetrate the blood stream. Without magnesium in the correct ratio, it is difficult for your body to use calcium, no matter how much you take.
3. It uses vitamin C to provide an acidic environment. Calcium must be in an acidic environment in order to be absorbed into the blood stream where it can be used. The vitamin C in the formula creates a mineral ionization between the calcium and the magnesium - the "fizzing"! The two minerals reach the stomach in the proper state for absorption. This is one reason CalMax works so quickly.

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