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Am I "Body Type 3" and craving protein?

Body Type 3 people have shoulders wider than their hips and frequently may have a cone-shaped figure. While their legs remain strong well into old age, when they gain weight it tends to settle first in the upper torso and then in their hips.

Type 3 people crave protein.They want their food to stimulate them and give them energy. They often crave red meats. If they had their choice, they would have a large amount of protein with each meal. If these people exercise regularly, they will maintain a good frame. However, without exercise they run the risk of gaining weight very easily.
As with all Body Types, an increase in one kind of food puts a strain on the enzyme responsible for breaking it down. In this case, the enzyme is Protease. When protein is not properly broken down, it may begin to putrefy in the colon. The "rotting" food may back up into the body and toxins then enter the blood stream, contributing to numerous health problems.

Body Type 3 Do you crave:
Protein: lunch meats, sausage, fish, poultry, nuts, cheese and eggs?
Salt and salty foods?
Are you prone to:
Hypertension or high blood pressure?
Feeling stressed?
Excess gas?
Stiff joints?

Type 3 people are prone to be deficient in Protease. An enzyme deficiency, especially in Protease, is responsible for protein cravings and may lead to an imbalance in the body. You may notice that you often crave large amounts of protein, such as beef, chicken, pork, eggs, etc.
When your body is unable to digest protein quickly, it begins to rot and collect in the colon area. Eventually this rotting matter may make its way back into the body and into the blood, muscles, joints, the lymphatic system and skin. If the body is unable to break down its food into small enough pieces, inflammation of the organs and joints may occur.
Body Type 3 people crave proteins possibly because they lack the enzyme Protease. The protein may help to "stimulate" them and give them more energy. Their cravings would not occur if the protein were being properly digested and used by the digestive system. A deficiency in the enzyme Protease may make it harder for the body to properly use proteins. This may create additional cravings and possibly begin certain health problems.

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