Get right psychologically before starting to lose weight


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The importance of goal setting
in losing weight

Goal setting is very important for getting right psychologically. If obesity is due to psychological problems rather than to a simple imbalance

between calorie intake and burn up (lack of exercise), goal setting can help in solving problems and should become a first priority.

Feelings of boredom, loneliness, being unwanted, useless and dependent, often lead to excess food intake, anxiety disorders and depression symptoms. Goal setting to fight these sad emotions as soon as you detect the first signs of depression can treat psychological disturbances, but also help you lose weight, which is your primary goal, after all. You could get information about depression in introductory psychology articles but often stress relief is closely related to goal setting.

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Goal setting and becoming a better person

  • Be busy and get involved in pleasant activities. Unfilled leisure time is psychologically dangerous: It causes teenagers to make nuisances of themselves and older people to make miseries of themselves. Make full use of the gifts you have and spend no more time for introspection. Assess your capabilities.
  • Active physically: Golf, walk, shop, ride a bike, visit less fortunate friends, go to clubs, fish, garden, greenhouse work... do all the things you had no time for until now.
  Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at
the end. It's not a day when you lounge around
doing nothing; it's when you've had everything to
do, and you've done it. (Margaret Thatcher)
  • Hands usable: Knit, sew, do carpentry, learn how to work on the Internet. Tend a window box. Do jigsaws. A book on hobbies will give you plenty of ideas.
  • Eyes usable: Read, paint, write letters, watch birds - a well-stocked window sill will attract a diversity of feathered visitors.
  • Ears usable: Radio and TV bring the world into your room and give you plenty to think about. Music could offer you centuries of joy. Listening to other people's troubles is also good work for any ear.
  • Sympathies active: Setting the goal of being an inspiration and example of patience are no mean ways of spending your time.
  • Re-think your attitudes: Do not be resentful, but be thankful to have come so far on your journey safely. Think of all the disasters that did not happen. Turn handicaps into opportunities for taking up new interests.

Positive thinking and losing weight

Remember that younger people are busy living their lives and pursuing their own goals. Don't make them feel guilty, but live your own life too. Affection can be deep but time too full for some people to show it often. Accept to sometimes onlook to life without regret. Didn't you enjoy the circus as a child even though you could not romp with the clowns?
Everyone wants to be of use. Older persons wanting to help without interfering, will be appreciated.

Young people need models, not critics. (John Wooden)

Positive thinking and goal setting will solve most of your problems and help you start losing weight.

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