The physician-patient relationship undergoes a major crisis


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Teaching Bioethics in Medical School

The potential involvement of a physician in a legal dispute concerning medical care is more pronounced today than ever before. The physician-patient relationship undergoes today a major crisis which often begins with unrealistic demands on the part of some patients. This may lead to a major dispute and financial claims, so that legal arbitration would be inevitable.
The best way for a physician to confront such a situation is to maintain a fair and humane communication with his patients based on the principles of bioethics.

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Therefore, the need for teaching bioethics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels is essential. This need has become more evident today because technological progress concerning medical treatment is expanding continuously.
Our presentation reports the basic principles of bioethics on which all rules and regulations of deontology are founded in relation to the need of legal regulations.

A. Koutselinis
Prof. of Forensic Medicine, University of Athens

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